Maybe your school’s got it going on when it comes to social media: you have your account profiles in place, engaging in good dialogue, but want to be more strategic. Or perhaps your school leaders have finally decided to stop running away from social media and want to put a real program in place. Either way, you owe it to yourself and the entire school community to read this guide.

Social media is a powerful force, and it's here to stay. It’s a ubiquitous way to communicate that’s become the main source of news and information for many of us. Schools are finding ways to use social media to boost parent engagement.

School communicators are learning how to reach all their audiences with social media – using it to share, listen, promote, and change educational outcomes. A solid social media program can help articulate the values and culture of your school and build the reputation you aspire to have. 

The Guide to School Social Media explores the power and potential of social media in the school setting, then outlines the steps for creating the mission, structure, policies, and process for integrating social media into your overall school communications. We’ve also included some resources and tools for you to use as your school embarks on its social media sojourn. 

Chapter 1

Everyone these days – and certainly those in your school community - are relying increasingly on social media to stay in touch with what matters most. Learn how it's become the preferred method for sharing, why some schools are reluctant to embrace it, and how it's become the best way to tell your school story. 

Chapter 2

Creating an effective social media program for your school requires a strong foundation. Learn how to create a mission statement, put policies in place, and empower your school communicators and your entire school community to embrace the power of social media.

Chapter 3

Effective social media doesn't just happen. It comes down to planning and implementing an ongoing process. Learn how to build a strong foundation and build key components like establishing policies, roles, and controlling your messaging. Learn how to build a program that includes goal-setting.

Chapter 4

Pick up some tips including best practices, third-party solutions, and free online resources to make the most of your school social media program. Learn how to create compelling posts, schedule content, and promote your social media to keep the dialogue going.