Messages and stories shared so many ways

Email, text, voice, website, social, mobile app and a personalized school feed. 


Messages delivered. Stories told.

For sending messages and delivering them just how parents want, and publishing posts to all your channels, SchoolNow makes it so easy to share.

Many stories, many ways to share.

Good news and great stories abound in your school. SchoolNow helps you capture them easily and deliver them all the ways parents prefer to receive their school communications.

The SchoolNow Feed

Simplify how you share information

The SchoolNow Feed lets your staff create and share stories to your website, mobile app and social media.

  • Live, continuous feed of posts and messages
  • Share content on selected school or district feeds
  • Combine school news and info in one convenient spot
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Personalized communication

Provide parents and staff options

One size does not fit all when it comes to reaching your parents. That's why SchoolNow gives them the choice of how they want to be notified and receive the messages and stories that matter most to them.

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Parent engagement

Track and improve communication

You invest a lot of time and effort into creating and sending messages to parents, but just how many are really getting through? SchoolNow enables you to measure and improve parent engagement.