The workhorse of school communications, your school website is the go-to resource for parents, staff and the entire school community that depend on fresh, accurate and accessible information to stay connected. It's a large part of the virtual message and communication center for your district and schools, so design your next one using the insights and best practices outlined in this school website design guide. 


A school website requires essential design elements that yield smooth navigation and access to content for your visitors, and simple site management and engagement tools for your website administrators and publishers. 


If you are planning a school website, take the opportunity to better understand your users and visitors, learn how to assess and set goals wi th your website that will improve parent engagement, and reflect your school brand with a professional look and functionality.

Chapter 1

It's a fundamental and often overlooked step in school website design: putting together a plan that ensures your website will help you reach communication goals. Learn how to build a team, generate support and prepare to create this critical component to your engagement.

Chapter 2

Take a deeper dive into your own website to determine what it’s doing well and where there’s room for improvement. Review school website best practices, and see how analytics help you gain important insights for setting communication and engagement goals.

Chapter 3

Designing your school website entails more than just layout, images and text. It's time to put your planning into practice. Learn how to set goals, streamline navigation, keep your content fresh and do it all with a professional design that's as accessible as it great-looking. 

Chapter 4

Website design terminology can be confusing to even the most experienced school communicator. Use this collection of common terms and definitions to cut through the jargon and understand the language that surrounds website design.