About SchoolNow

A history and passion for helping schools communicate better.

It's time for SchoolNow.

Over the past 24 years, our journey has taken us from providing CMS and building websites for schools and colleges, to where we are now: providing a more comprehensive and holistic school-home communications solution. 

Our focus is on providing a digital publishing platform that’s very easy to use, and the resources to position schools to succeed in engaging those who matter most – parents, staff, students, and the entire school community.

At SchoolNow, we believe that if we make it simple for parents to connect, and for schools to share, together we can change educational outcomes.

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We believe in a better way

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Connecting people

Positive school experiences start with connections: teacher-student, parent-teacher, principal-parent. SchoolNow makes it easy to build and maintain those critical connections that bring families closer to the school experience and boost engagement.

Building awareness

The dynamic connection needed to keep pace with parents boils down to reaching them how they prefer, and then focusing on the awareness-building storytelling that engages and paints your image. SchoolNow helps you discover the limitless and powerful stories to be shared.

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Empowering staff

So much of your school culture and so many of the great stories that abound in your school go untold. SchoolNow puts the power of sending messages and sharing stories in the hands of your staff with progressive, intuitive digital tools that are quickly adopted. 

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Our story

We are a web and digital communications company having undergone a recent major expansion in how and what we provide schools and districts across the U.S. 

Building on our 24-year history of providing websites for schools as Campus Suite – teaming mobile app, notifications, social media, email and video suppliers – we have transitioned into providing a unified school-home space for schools to digitally engage parents and others in their school community.

What makes SchoolNow different is it’s the first digital publishing platform designed around parent communication preferences. That enables school communicators to fully measure, manage and get the most from their digital channels.

We’re firm believers and practitioners in the power of engaging and communicating, and that schools can change many outcomes if they can improve how they share information. We pride ourselves on evolving right along with those who depend on us to help them.