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SchoolNow® reinventing school communications

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By Jay Cooper
Apr 3, 2023 8:24:00 AM

Unified platform combines web, mobile, text, social

New way eliminates scattered, inefficient communications

CINCINNATI – Designed to solve the communication challenges schools face, SchoolNow® is a new unified digital publishing platform that monitors and improves how schools engage parents and their communities. It combines ADA-compliant websites, mobile app, social media, text, voice, and email into an all-in-one system created to broaden and deepen the school experience with parents and the entire school community.

In two simple steps, school staff can quickly create a message or a post, select the channels in which to deliver it, then parents receive it based on how they choose. SchoolNow includes digital branding and messaging for schools and districts, handling everything from urgent alerts to social posts to general messages.

"We've taken a whole new approach by simplifying how schools deliver messages and stories, and how families can connect to school in a uniquely personalized way," said Steve Williams, CEO of SchoolNow and co-founder. "With the same ease it takes to share a social media post, school staff can create and control their entire digital school messaging, securely, and boost parent engagement. And that's what it's all about,” said Williams.

With the same ease it takes to share a social media post, school staff can create and control their entire digital school messaging and boost parent engagement.

“We're solving schools' biggest communication challenges," Williams continued. "We've re-engineered school communications to be the easiest way for parents to connect and schools to engage. We’re helping school staff focus on what is being shared, not how it’s being shared. It’s all about telling the school stories that reflect their image and build trust."

SchoolNow gives parents a personalized school experience with office school feeds, social posts, and all messages delivered via a parent’s personal school feed, which includes their own inbox. Built-in websites and a mobile app are fully integrated for a seamless and continuous connection of school messaging. 

"SchoolNow is designed to excite and empower school staff to share their stories and equip parents to stay engaged."

Steve Williams, CEO, SchoolNow

“Many of us are parents of school-age children ourselves, so we’ve been at ground zero when it comes to experiencing the school-home communication gap. We all are relying on schools more than ever to deliver information quickly, accurately, and safely,” Williams added.

In addition to websites and a mobile app, SchoolNow provides branding, design, data integration, ADA and privacy compliance, and metrics that allow schools to monitor and improve engagement.

“Several years ago, we shifted our organization in a new direction. We entered a journey of reinventing ourselves and finding a solution to a big problem – school communication. We focused on providing more value to schools and ultimately helping them improve outcomes.
Our solution was to excite schools about sharing the school experience and providing families a way to connect how they want to,” said Williams.

About SchoolNow

SchoolNow, formerly d.b.a. Campus Suite, is an innovative web and digital communications company serving K12 and other schools, colleges, and communities. Building on a 24-year history of providing websites for schools and partnering with leaders in other digital communication, SchoolNow brings together web, mobile, social, text, voice, and email in an all-in-one digital publishing platform designed expressly for engaging school communities. 

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