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Website accessibility guidelines and resources for school communicators


Your school's path to website accessibility...

Path to website accessibility 1
Step 1.

What you must know about ADA-compliance

Many schools are at risk with noncompliant websites and other digital communications. Learn how to assess how you’re doing and how to accommodate people with disabilities.

Path to website accessibility 2
Step 2.

WCAG 2.1 – the standards used for compliance

WCAG 2.2 is a standard for website ADA-compliance for public and private schools. Learn what it means to schools and how to use this standard for your website and other digital communications.

Step 3.

Create a school website accessibility policy

All schools are required by law to have websites that fully comply with federal ADA and accessibility standards, and it all starts with having a policy in place. Create one in just minutes with this template.

Step 4.

Conduct a school website accessibility audit

Know where you stand before knowing where you need to go. Review the online tools and these equally important ‘human factors’ that will help steer you in conducting a school website accessibility audit.