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way to stay connected.

Now you can stay current with the messages and stories that matter most to your family.

With SchoolNow you can:

  • Choose from email, text, voice, mobile app
  • Have your very own 'personalized' SchoolNow feed
  • Use 'quick links' to all the school and district info you need
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What is SchoolNow?

All your school messages and stories. Just how you want them.

SchoolNow is the best way to stay engaged with your child's school experience – all the important messages delivered and great stories shared. Sign in with your email address or phone number. You'll already be set up to receive emails and text notifications, but you can change how you prefer to connect at any time.

  • Choose from email, text, voice, and mobile app.
  • Access your personalized feed and inbox with all your important messages.
  • Use quick links for easy access to staff, forms, lunch menus, schedules and other school information.

Urgent messages:

  • Critical alerts and updates
  • Lockdowns, closings and delays
  • Health and safety information
  • Schedule changes
  • Time-sensitive updates
  • Inclement weather updates

General messages:

  • Superintendent's message
  • Principal's message
  • Stories, photos, and videos 
  • Newsletters
  • Calendar and event updates
  • Misc. updates and announcements
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Do I need to download the SchoolNow app to receive messages?
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Can I add a relative or guardian to receive messages and alerts from my child’s school?
What if I have children in separate schools in the district?
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Stay close and current.

Get even closer to your child’s school experience with the built-in mobile app – your home to all the school information that matters most to your family.

  • A personalized inbox with all your important messages – all in one spot
  • Your own school feed filled with the stories that get you closer to your child's school experience
  • School calendar that can be added to your personal calendar
  • Quick links for easy access to staff, forms, lunch menus, schedules and other school information.