Campus Suite is now SchoolNow.

You’ve known us as Campus Suite, but now we are SchoolNow. While we have a new name with a keen focus on schools, we have the same commitment to help all our customers engage their communities.

SN launch


A new beginning

We built this new version of ourselves around the challenges schools everywhere are facing. In fact, many of the new features and improvements came right from our customers. Parents want to connect on their terms, and schools need to simplify and improve how they engage.

As a parent of school-age children myself, I along with many of our SchoolNow team members have been at ground zero experiencing the communication gap. We are all leaning pretty hard these days on schools to deliver information quickly, accurately, and safely.

We know it’s not always simple to do, but we’re doing all we can here at SchoolNow to make it easier to engage your entire community, and save you money along the way.

Steve Williams
CEO and co-founder

Questions and answers

Can I still keep using Campus Suite?

Yes, SchoolNow is built on top of the Campus Suite website platform so all of that stays the same, including pricing. Campus Suite is now "Websites only" under our new SchoolNow plans.

Do I have to do anything?

No, your current website and tools will remain the same. SchoolNow is built on top of the current website platform.

What’s the difference?

SchoolNow is much more comprehensive – and includes an improved version of Campus Suite. It provides a complete digital publishing and communication platform all in one spot, including a mobile app. It’s designed to help schools save time, save money and, most important, improve engagement.

Has Campus Suite changed ownership?

No. This is not an acquisition or merger but a result of reinventing ourselves to better help you engage your community like never before. All the great support and response stay the same.

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SchoolNow videos

What is SchoolNow? 1:20 min




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Committed to all our customers:



Whether you're one of the private or charter schools we serve, or a district customer, you'll benefit from the tremendous expanded services SchoolNow offers. We've re-engineered school-home communications to be the easiest way for parents to connect and schools to engage.




It’s where SchoolNow got its start and will continue to serve the colleges, universities, and organizations that helped us hone our CMS chops. Much more than great websites now, we will continue to build on the tradition of always improving web communications to drive image and enrollment.




We’ve learned that many of the official functions around transparency that school communities require also hold true in residential community developments. CommunitiesNow creates a simple, fully compliant, and informative hub where managers, boards, and community members can find everything they need.